Regular expressions are hard.
You don’t need to write them yourself.

Your website needs regular expressions to safeguard it against all malicious attacks and retain the integrity of user information. Regular expressions are small pieces of code that define specific patterns for a string of text and reject any input that does not fit this pattern.

There’s an easy way to skip the hassle and get the correct regular expression for the job, tried and tested, and with no syntax skills required.

Turnkey Regex

Regex that safeguards your website against attacks.

Tried and tested regular expressions that work.

No need for you to learn complex regex syntax.

Your New Website Idea

You just thought of the perfect idea for a website, Thai Curry Restaurant Reviews, and you’ve done some preliminary programming to create the basic framework.

Thai Curry Restaurant Reviews-logo

Users will sign up and rate the best Thai Curry Restaurants in town, complete with ratings, comments, and photos of their dishes. You’re as excited as a 10-year old kid and can’t wait to showcase your idea to the world!

But you soon realize that, at some point, your website will require user input:

  • An email address or phone number during signup
  • A strong enough password to secure their account
  • Address of the restaurant being reviewed
  • Ratings and comments

This input needs to be validated! What if someone tries to sign up with an invalid email address? What if they try to use the word “password” as their login password?

Password Not Secure Form

Or worse! What if some hacker tries to game your system by inserting code into the comment box that breaks your website’s layout? Or what if they inject some Javascript code that starts mining Bitcoin using the browsers of your most loyal customers?

So you decide to do the honorable thing and create a regular expression for each input box – creating a pattern of expected input characters that accept only correct data and rejects anything out of the ordinary.

Regex Syntax is Hard to Understand

But now you have two problems! Regular expressions are hard, to say the least. Just look at this expression to validate your user’s date of birth (e.g. 2001-05-24):

/(\d{4})\/(0[1-9]|1[0-2])\/(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])/Edit with Regexity

It’s pretty easy to create a regular expression that accepts a couple of good inputs, but it’s really difficult to create one that also rejects all the wrong inputs!

You need expert knowledge here.

After all, you wouldn’t want your new website to crash and burn as soon as hackers come to get their share. You want to protect your idea and shield it from all possible danger.

Thai Curry Logo Protected

The Internet is a dangerous place! These regular expressions are the soldiers that guard your fortress, and you wouldn’t want to skimp on training them, do you?

Introducing: Regex Done the Right Way

What you need are expert regular expressions, crafted with care and precision, and tested to the limits. You need regular expressions created by an expert with experience.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I create expert regular expressions that work to keep your website safe.

My name is Benjamin, and I taught myself web programming in high school, back in the early days of the Internet. Years of experience have taught me the ins and outs of web security.

Throughout my career, I’ve created multiple dozens of my own projects just like Thai Curry Restaurant Reviews, as well as numerous projects for others. I’ve learned valuable lessons from every single one of them.

I’ve worked in many languages, including PHP, HTML, Javascript, Python, and C. I’ve created WordPress plugins, crypto payment interfaces, investment portfolio generators, Facebook apps, timesheet software, job-card software, online calculators, and many more!

My knowledge of regular expressions is top quality, and my blog at and associated YouTube channel is a testament to this. I’ve deciphered many a regular expression for readers of the blog and taught many the basics of regex on YouTube.

And I’m offering to put all this knowledge to use to create your regular expression.



  • 1 Regular Expression
  • 3 Reviews
  • 48-hour Turnaround Time
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Help with Code Implementation
  • Expert Knowledge
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee



  • 3 Regular Expressions
  • 5 Reviews Each
  • 48-hour Turnaround Time
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Help with Code Implementation
  • Expert Knowledge
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Quick turnaround times so you can focus on what’s important.

Professional advice and expert knowledge.

Peace-of-mind to know that your website is safe.

How to Take Advantage of This Offer

To order your regular expressions, get in touch with me right away, or click one of the buttons below.

After reviewing your request, I’ll reply with advice and pointers on your use case. An optional video call with you (free of charge) will allow me to understand your problem completely.

Thereafter I will send you a link for payment with or another prominent escrow service of your choice. An escrow service will ensure that you get your regular expressions, or your money back.

In addition, you’ll get up to 5 reviews (plan-dependent) where I will review your expression and update it to suit any specific needs at hand.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ll also receive a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee where I will return your funds within 30 days if your expressions do not perform as required. No questions asked.

Let me train your regular expression soldiers to protect your fortress! Let me teach them using years of expertise in web safety!

Regex is the cornerstone of your website’s safety.
Get it done right the first time.